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Precision Dental Care @Kingston wants each patient to make the best of each appointment and have a great experience at each visit.

To ensure that we can assess your current condition, discuss your dental goals and expectation a comprehensive examination with our dentist would be the right step to take as you see us for the first time. Weather you’ve had treatment done in the past or are currently having concerns, a comprehensive exam is a great way to begin your journey.

The clinician assesses all your teeth with existing condition, any treatment done, measures your gums, takes relevant x-rays. Your clinician will also have an open conversation about what you wish to achieve and how we can help you in reaching your goal. Following the comprehensive exam your clinician will ask you to be booked in for a Consult, to discuss a long-term plan based on existing conditions.

Comprehensive Care

Each one of us is different and so are our teeth, which means to have impeccable oral hygiene we must ensure we pay attention to them each day. It all starts from a 2 minute through brushing regime accompanied by few other tools that suit you best. Our in our Preventive care Team comprising of Oral Health Therapists help you in creating one such Oral hygiene Regime.

When you enter the Maintenance phase of your Dental journey, our clinicians will transfer care to the OHT’s. This will give you the opportunity to really engage in active conversation and maintenance.

Your Primary Dentist and Oral health therapist will always work together to maintain your Oral Health to its best.

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Servicing the locals of Ivanhoe, Bulleen, Heidelberg and beyond, we offer comprehensive cosmetic and general dentistry under the same roof. We accept payment plans (such as Denticare) and after-hours appointments for your added convenience.

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