A dental check-up is where one of our dental practitioners looks at your teeth, gums, lips, tongue and saliva to see if they are healthy.

A dental check-up is important to look at the health of your mouth, find any problems and discuss possible treatments.  It helps prevent further problems and any concerns can also be explained.

During a dental check-up the dentist will assess and record information relating to your general and dental health. This may include: a complete medical and dental history, including current medications, allergies and previous treatments and conditions, checking the mouth for tooth decay, bleeding, and how the teeth fit together, x-rays may be taken to help find such things as tooth decay, infections, tumours, teeth that have not come through the gums and damage to jaw bones, preventive care: this may involve the use of fluoride, polishing of fillings, cleaning of teeth and advice on how to care for your teeth and gums. A treatment plan, if required following your check up, will provide information about your treatment options, the benefits and risks of any treatment and information relating to care after treatment. You are invited to ask questions about your dental health, treatment needs and to be involved in.

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