Does your child have 
Overcrowding, Crossbite, Protruding Teeth??
Orthodontics Care for Children
As young children develop quickly, orthodontic problems can be easier and less complicated to correct when diagnosed early. Early assessment and growth guidance can lessen the time frame your child needs to wear braces, reduce need for extractions of permanent teeth and improve your child’s airway thus positively influencing growth of the face and jaws.
Indicators for the need of early orthodontic examinations:
• Early or late loss of baby teeth
• Difficulty biting or chewing 
• Mouth breathing, thumb or finger sucking
• Crowded, crooked or blocked teeth
• Teeth that don’t come together correctly or at all
• Jaws and teeth that are disproportionate to the face
• Snoring and grinding teeth at night
• Bed wetting

Benefits of early intervention:

• Guide the growth and development of the upper and lower dental arches
• Guide incoming permanent teeth into correct positions
• Reduce the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
• Reduce or eliminate speech problems or abnormal swallowing
• Improve personal appearance and self-esteem
• Preserve or increase space in the jaw required for emerging permanent teeth

The Precision Dental Care @ Kingston team welcome you to bring your child to our practice for an orthodontic assessment. We will guide you through all the options available and discuss if your child would benefit from early orthodontic growth guidance.

Myobrace is a muscle training system with proven results to encourage correct jaw growth, primarily in children, so their dental arches form with enough space to fit their erupting adult teeth.
Myobrace does not involve wearing traditional braces 24 hrs a day for a period of 18 months or more. Instead it involves daily exercises and wearing an appliance for a couple of hours per day and whilst sleeping.

Dr Kavitha will consult your child and observe 
• Incorrect muscle activation
• Mouth breathing / open mouth position at rest
• Incorrect tongue rest position
• Incorrect tongue movement during swallowing
• Retained sucking habits

Muscle Training System:

• Teaches the correct tongue rest position
• Helps develop the correct swallow
• Reduces recruitment of the incorrect facial muscle during eating and drinking
• Supports lip growth into a closed mouth, rest position
• Encourages habitual nasal breathing

The benefits of Myobrace system supports the child's developing muscles and arches to allow enough space for erupting adult teeth ensuring they come through straight. Giving aesthetically pleasing centric facial profile with sufficient lip definition, correct and functional bite between the upper and lower jaw. 

The consultation will take about 15 minutes to determine if Myobrace is suitable for your child. No treatment is provided during the consultation. Contact us to make a consultation. 
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